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Bowed Basement Walls

See how wall anchors stop bowing walls

Do your basement walls look to be bending or leaning? You might have a bowed wall problem on your hands. Bowed walls are typically a consequence of hydrostatic pressure being placed on the basement walls.

You could be wondering exactly where the hydrostatic pressure is coming from. The soil all around the perimeter of your property gets to be infiltrated with moisture over time and gets to be heavy and damp. The water in the moisture-crammed soil exerts hydrostatic pressure on your basement walls. This causes them to bend in unusual ways.

Bowed basement walls might ultimately cause cracks alongside your foundation over time if left untreated. You could even have bowed foundation walls over time if you do not deal with the bowed basement wall problem that you have.

Bowed Foundation Wall Repair

When it comes to bowing or buckling basement walls homeowners believe that replacement is their only alternative. Not only are there options but replacing a foundation wall doesn't necessarily treat the problem that is present. Basement walls shift for a number of factors, including standing water, unsuccessful basement waterproofing and lack of appropriate drainage. These issues must be fixed together with or before other actions are taken.Wall Anchor

Wall plate anchors are a very inexpensive solution to many bowed or cracked basement wall surfaces. These anchors are an approved means of repair by many engineers and building code officials in the United States. These anchors could recover the structural integrity of foundation walls without significant renovation or excavation. Plate anchors are an inexpensive and time saving solution to many homeowner's problems. One of the many advantages of wall plate anchors is the fact that they aren't obtrusive or unsightly in the basement like many alternative bracing methods. A thin high strength steel wall plate may be the only thing seen internally. Many times these plates are coated to match the walls or 2X2 furring strips are utilized to finish the inside walls. This allows the repair to be carried out without giving up valuable square footage.

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