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Iowa weather has a record of being harsh on concrete. An uneven surface is not only an eye sore, but is also a safety hazard.  Homeowners and commercial businesses no longer need to fear the expensive cost and mess of replacing concrete. We provide our clients a less invasive and cost friendly alternative to completely replacing your uneven concrete.

What is Concrete Leveling/Lifting?

Concrete lifting is the process of injecting expansive foam underneath a settling slab of concrete. The foam expands in the areas of settlement, pushing the concrete back to it’s original position, leveling the concrete. The foam then hardens to lock the slab in position and stabilize the soil below.

Concrete lifting uses lightweight and durable expansive foam that can restore the concrete surface with little disruption. It’s fast acting, long lasting, environmentally safe, affordable, and can support the weight of the concrete.  Contractors are able to adjust how much foam to insert and the level that the concrete is being raised.

Where can I use Concrete Leveling/Lifting?

 ·      Sidewalks

·      Basement Floors

·      Driveways

·      Patios

·      Pool decks

·      Warehouse floors

·      Garage Floors

·      Curbs

How does it Work?

Step 1: Small holes are drilled into the sunken slab or uneven concrete.

Step 2: An injector is placed in each hole to allow foam to pass through.

Step 3: The foam is injected into each hole, where it expands and lifts the concrete.

Step 4: The injector holes are then cleaned and sealed by concrete.

How long does it take?

The concrete can be used immediately after injecting the expansive foam. Most concrete lifting jobs take less than a day to complete. Some jobs, depending on how much lift is needed, may take a few hours.