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Wall Anchors Stop Bowing Basement Walls

Anchored Walls of Iowa has repaired and stabilized thousands of cracked, bowed and leaning walls using "anchors". The anchor system we use provides lasting strength and stability to foundation walls that have bowed or are buckling. It is very important that you get a proper diagnosis from a certified, trained and experienced foundation repair expert.

From I-Beams to carbon fiber strips, to shotcrete wall restoration, to helical anchors there are a wide variety of potential repair options when you are dealing with a bowed basement wall. By working with a professional, experienced contractor who knows the proper application for repair you can rest well knowing that the job was repaired properly.

So again, fixing a foundation problem like a bowing basement wall is a serious task that requires a well-trained, competent contractor. It is important that your foundation problem be handled by a licensed foundation repair contractor who has the training and engineering resources to fix the problem correctly and for good.

Fix Bowed Walls Forever

Anchored Walls uses only products designed by professional engineers. Our certified installers have the knowledge and experience to fix your foundation problem the first time. We have more experience and have installed far more anchors that any other foundation repair contractor in Iowa. We do top quality work at a fair price.


  • In most cases can straighten wall (over time) without excavation
  • Limited disturbance to lawn and landscape
  • Low-profile wall plate can be easily painted or finished over
  • Counteracts pressure on the wall without causing damage to structure (does not rely on the floor joists or wood framing as the reaction)
  • Will stabilize bowed, leaning and sheared walls
  • Patented products can only be installed by Manufacturer-Certified Installers

Call us today and we'll be glad to setup a time when we can get with you to review your particular foundation challenge and find a good repair solution.