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Wet Basement

The complications of a wet basement do not just start at the cracks within the foundation which may be the contributing instigator, or a broken or dripping pipe which might be the source of problem, but they stem much beyond just that. First and foremost, detecting where the source of the wet basement is can be a frustrating and costly aspect. Then you've got to factor in repairs - which can range based upon the actual source of the moisture seepage.

Sometimes, a wet basement may be because of cracks in the wall surfaces and the foundation, which enable the weather and water which has pooled under the earth to leak in. In other cases, something more serious like a water line break, flooding or other home maintenance issues can come into the picture. No matter what the cause of the wet basement might be, tending to it proactively and as soon as you possibly can is substantial in you conserving the integrity of your house.

Basement Mold Development

Mold: Mold is really a crucial concern with regards to a wet basement. With the existence of water, the heat of an insulated house and the darkness that is frequently prevalent for most basements, mold has the ideal grounds with which to prosper. If left untreated, a mold infestation can grow and rapidly fill your home. Mold could make you really sick and infect your lungs and body, and can make a home unlivable until taken care of. A good rule of thumb is to never roll the dice with mold in your home, ever.

Basement Water Damage

Water Damage: Water damage is an extremely intimidating part of a wet basement. Apart from the items which you might have stored in your basement that may become harmed by water, the water may also ruin your wall surfaces and the very beams which support your home. The water can rot away supports and will erode the very foundation of your house.

Structural Integrity

Structural Integrity: When not tended to in a timely manner, a wet basement can also impact the structural integrity of your home. This can result in you having to spend 1000s of dollars fixing key support supports, replacing insulation and even repairing or replacing walls, paint, carpeting and so on.

Basement Germs

Bacteria, Viruses & Overall Health: The top reason to never ignore a wet basement is because the water can carry multiple pathogen varieties in it and frequently results in pest infestations also. The water will ultimately become at a standstill since it has no flow and has never been taken care of. This type of water could be compared to stagnant pond water, and can poise critical risks to the health and wellness of all occupants inside of the home if not taken care of quickly.

Most of the time, a wet basement can be repaired in a rather convenient fashion. In some cases, your home owners insurance may even cover some or all of the repairs minus your insurance deductible. Regardless of the situation, never leave a wet basement damaged; your health and well-being may rely on it.

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