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Anchored Walls offers superior basement waterproofing services for homeowners in IA. A wet basement can be a result of foundation cracks or a faulty basement drainage system. It's critical that you get your basement moisture problem fixed as soon as possible to avoid significant structural problems for your home in the near future.

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As a professional foundation repair contractor, we want to stress to you that ignoring foundation leakage and/or cracks is not a good idea. As time goes by, your foundation leaks, foundation will settle or sink and foundation cracks will steadily become worse and cause even more problems for the structural integrity of your home. More structural problems means more money that you'll have to pay for structural home repairs.

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Damp crawl spaces can lead to musty odors and even structural damage to your family's home.

Anchored Walls offers quality crawl space encapsulation systems for getting rid of the moisture once and for all.

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Basement egress windows are a great way to increase the amount of natural light in your home's basement. These windows are also used as an escape path for individuals in a basement during a fire.

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Foundation Repair Specialists

Anchored Walls is a foundation repair company that through years of experience knows that ignoring foundation settlement, basement water leaks and cracks in a foundation will lead to many unnecessary repair expenses. As time goes on, and as seasons change soil is continually expanding and contracting. The ground movement often causes bowing basement walls, a sinking foundation, basement water leaks and wall cracks and basement waterproofing.

We know nobody wants to spend money to fix these problems but it is something every homeowner should do to protect their biggest asset, their home.

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