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Foundation Repair Services

If you are a homeowner in IA or northern Missouri and believe that you may have foundation damage, do not hesitate to contact Anchored Walls, Inc., a foundation repair company. Foundation cracks that aren't repaired immediately may cause an assortment of structural problems for every aspect of your home. This can create dangerous living conditions for your family.

As a professional foundation repair contractor, we want to stress to you that ignoring foundation leakage and/or cracks is not a good idea. As time goes by, your foundation leaks, foundation will settle or sink and foundation cracks will steadily become worse and cause even more problems for the structural integrity of your home. More structural problems means more money that you'll have to pay for structural home repairs.

Wall Crack Repair Iowa

Foundation Problems

  • Foundation cracks
  • Foundation crumbling
  • Water seepage
  • Wet basement
  • Wet crawl space

How Do Cracks Form in My Foundation?

Cracks in a foundation wall often occur due to the dirt beneath your house gradually shifting, and, over time, this movement can generate cracks in the foundation. Other times, moisture can contribute to cracks becoming worse and obviously allowing water seepage through these cracks. Climate change allows the soil around your house to expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate. A lack of moisture, long dry spells and heat from the summer months cause the foundation concrete to stress and reflex. This may eventually contribute to foundation cracks. Fortunately, you can typically find a fast remedy for these cracks with straightforward foundation crack repairs from Anchored Walls - but you don't want to put off getting any repairs made, as this could cost you far more dollars in the future.

What Are Some Signs of Foundation Damage?

Foundation Damage Repair

Aside from the above symptoms of foundation cracks, some of the other signs of foundation problems are also listed below:

  • Cracking brick veneers
  • Leaky, moisture-filled basements
  • Collapsing or leaning chimneys
  • Bowing or buckling walls
  • Damp walls inside and outside of your home
  • Musty smells inside and outside your home
  • Damaged concrete steps at the front or back of your home

If you notice any of these foundation problems at your home, do not neglect them. Get in touch with our foundation repair company serving IA before the little cracks turn into huge headaches for you and your family. Any sort of compromise to the structural integrity of your home may lead to hazardous living conditions.

Iowa & Missouri Foundation Repair Contractor

Our foundation repair contractors will evaluate your foundation by first assessing the extent of damage and then will determine what type of repair is necessary and most effective. The cost of the foundation repair will depend on the size of the crack or damage your foundation may have. After assessing the damaged conditions, our foundation repair specialists will offer you their plan for repairs.