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Musty Crawl Space Causes

musty crawl space at your home is likely caused from moisture, leaks or humidity problems. However, crawl space odors can also be caused from improper construction or even nature itself. Decaying material is very common in crawl spaces. No matter what the cause of your family's crawl space odors are, Anchored Walls is ready to help.

Finding the real cause of musty crawl space is not enough to ensure you make the area void of future problems. When a crawl space is properly encapsulated, all external moisture issues are gone for good. The traditional crawl space vents are closed off completely to exterior climate and elements. A vapor barrier is used to seal off the ground moisture. A sealed off crawl space is also a big energy saver and works to insulate your home.

Our crawl space repair and installation crew has the knowledge and know-how needed to get that musty smell out of your home once and for all. Get in touch with us by calling 1-800-221-4699 at your earliest convenience.


  • house settlement

    House Settling and Your Crawl Space

    Older foundations were built much differently than foundations found on newer homes in IA, which can lead to some house settling problems. Our foundation repair company can perform an inspection and evaluation to determine what the extent of your crawl space damage is due to your home settling.

    A foundation wall that has started to settle or shift will require the need of our foundation repair services. The contractor will probably need to shore up the house framing above the repair area while the soil is stabilized and wall sections are rebuilt. In some cases, it may be required to replace a portion of stone or brick foundation with poured concrete. Our foundation repair contractor will discuss the pros and cons of each foundation repair procedure that we offer.

    Inadequate Intermediate Support For Crawl Spaces

    In a majority of homes, the floor joists of the first floor that rest on top of the foundation walls are also supported by a post & beam style of framework which extends down to the center of your home's crawl space. In older homes, these posts may have rotted or they may not have adequate footings and this causes your home to settle differently. Our foundation repair company serving IA homeowners can either work to reinforce the original post & beam assembly or it may be better to replace it with new and properly-sized footings.

  • crawl space encapsulation

    Crawl Space Moisture Control

    There are a lot of homeowners who overlook their windows, doors and vents as a potential entrance way for moisture. By properly sealing off windows, doors, and vents, you can help prevent cold air, moisture and humidity from making its way into your crawl space. With the proper crawl space encapsulation process from Anchored Walls, your crawl space will have its moisture-levels reduced, and your family's energy bills may even be reduced each month.

    How to Get Rid of Excess Moisture in Your Crawl Space

    Vapor Barrier Installation

    Once you have all the moisture, water and high levels of humidity eliminated from your crawl space, you won't have to worry about the growth of mold and mildew. You also won't have to worry about damage to the structural integrity of your home due to excess moisture.

    crawl space vapor barrier will be installed to help with the elimination of crawl space moisture. A crawl space vapor barrier is specially-designed to block out water from getting through your crawl space concrete walls or floor.

    Selecting a Dehumidifier

    Many dehumidifiers for crawl spaces are inefficient and really aren't powerful enough to get rid of excess humidity throughout your entire crawl space area. Most crawl space dehumidifiers have issues with motors that aren't very powerful, and their collection trays are insufficient and sometimes need be emptied on a daily basis.

    Our crawl space repair company serving IA can provide your home with a powerful dehumidifier to remove unnecessarily high levels of humidity in your crawl space.

  • crawlspace remediation

    Improper Crawl Space Construction

    What is Wood Rot?

    Older homes were generally constructed with dirt crawl spaces. So, chances are very likely that if you live in an older home with a crawl space, you probably have moisture problems as well. Moisture and the dirt of your crawl space mix together to cause many problems for the indoor air quality of your home, as well as its structural integrity.

    Wood rot forms due to a tiny organism that is in relation to the fungi group. Fungi tend to thrive and produce when the right amount of moisture, oxygen, and food area present.

    How Are Older Homes Typically Constructed?

    A lot of older homes are built with cinder blocks to surround the crawl space area. The cinder blocks were believed to have provided safety as well as security for the home's structure. However, the floor of crawl spaces in older homes were generally made with just dirt.

    Repairing Old Crawl Spaces

    A dirt crawl space can be repaired, but it may always have the challenge of dealing with excess humidity unless you have a crawl space vapor barrier or dehumidifier installed. Before installing a vapor barrier or dehumidifier, it is wise to repair all water related problems beforehand. You could start by inspecting the roof of your home for any leaks, and then make any necessary repairs.

  • crawl space repair iowa

    Nature and Your Crawl Space

    Many older homes that aren't constructed with a concrete slab underneath of them in the crawl space area just have a dirt floor. When an older home has a dirt floor crawl space, the entire area beneath the home is susceptible to dry rot, wood rot, and other various problems which can lead to the deterioration of your home's structural integrity. Typically, a dirt crawl space will experience problems if it isn't properly ventilated.

    How is My Crawl Space Affected by Nature?

    A dirt crawl space floor is easily affected by outside elements such as: rainstorms, snow falls, summer heat, and moisture. Most of the time, when moisture mixes with the dirt floor, it can lead to the rotting away of sill plates, floor joists and other components underneath your family's home in IA.